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The Pathetic Prez

Quotes:   “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms” (Children’s song, 1863)

In the news:  Trump hasn’t saved coal in W. Virginia.  They don’t care (Kelsey Brugger, E&E News, 8.19.19)

In context:  You might feel sorry for Donald Trump if he wasn’t destroying the country and damaging a new generation by tearing kids from parents.  The Russians tried that during their Soviet Communist era and the experiment was a disaster.  Donald Trump may not know that bit of history.  He’s busy wreaking havoc because nobody of any consequence likes him or gives him credit for what he thinks he deserves.

Donald Trump may have friends but chances are he doesn’t have one who wouldn’t gleefully throw him under the bus if the opportunity presented.  Trump’s rage and his thirst for vengeance seem to override any need for the basic human form of bonding based on the emotions that make up the complex concept of love.  Those closest to him through family kinship seem plastic props on autopilot to boost the Trump ego when posed next to him, reacting on cue when he refers to himself or his self-touted deeds.  Family members who don’t fit the mold are unseen.  Trump is driven by some force beyond basic human needs.

Two emotions are characteristic of Trump’s expression.  One is a derisive smugness and the other is rage.  The level of genuine emotion behind those expressions is impossible to decipher.  He plays for effect through the media.  Some feeling may be masked by his trademark ploy of fanning outrage about plain old decency.  Whether real or feigned, Trump presents a picture of a ticking time bomb due to rage.

Rage can be a reaction to inconsolable pain, the worst of which is thirst for love from someone who can’t give it.  People kill over unrequited love.  Failed marriages drive spouses to wipe out entire families.  Others sublimate the pain turned into rage by turning their entire world into enemy territory.  Donald Trump seems to have taken that route.  He seems hell-bent on inflicting pain, especially by vengeful punishment of all those who don’t seem to love him like he needs in boundless measure.

Sigmund Freud dealt at length with the libido, or the life force, battling with the death instinct,  Loosely understood, that translates into and either or situation.  Either I get what I want or I will destroy what I can’t get.  That explains the Terrible Twos that all human kids pass through on their way to childhood.  Likewise, the Bible laid out the case for Lucifer’s fall, the principle archangel who challenged God and ended being rule of his own domain as god of the underworld.

In his position as the President of the United States, Donald Trump is the most powerful man for the moment in the entire world.  He could be promoting  good will and cooperation in a complex world full of challenges.  Instead, he destroys everything in his path.  He may be a white nationalist or a mere territorialist like a guard dog protecting his turf, but the level of his vehemence suggests a motive much deeper and more personal than an entrenched belief.  Someone, at some time in his life, must have wounded him fatally with the anguish of  unrequited love.

No one, probably not even Donald Trump, knows who hurt him so deeply that he must destroy all to satisfy an unquenchable rage.  Perhaps his mother didn’t give him the enormous amount of attention he needed as a child.  Maybe his father was disappointed that Donald couldn’t perform better with the enormous family bounty that was handed him.  It’s even possible that Donald was irredeemably wounded by first wife Ivanka who left him after Donald fell victim to a short-lived second wife.

Whatever deep-seated wound drives Donald Trump to destroy instead of construct as the “builder” he has sold himself to be, it’s a good chance he’s a miserable human being.    Like all others, he deserves help to find peace within himself.

That kind of help can only come through analytical help from psychiatrists.  Trump will never find relief by laying waste to the country and the world.  To prove that to himself without outside help, he may end up nuking the world with himself included,

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