Art, Commerce and Impact

Fogarassy’s early experience in her formative years has given her a unique perspective on the relationship between personal achievement, recognition and acknowledgement through compensation.  Family encouragement gave her the grounding to pursue opportunity where it arose, leading to a wealth of experience that enabled her to thrive,

Firmly grounded with a Comparative Literature degree from Indiana University along with two years in the sciences, she began her career as a factory worker in Indiana, then moved swiftly to Scholastic Magazines in New York.  There she edited an arts magazine as well a text on the media before moving on to science editing at Sloan-Kettering Institute while taking first stabs at fiction on her own.  Finding near-success with the writing, she set out on her own and landed major life-enhancing projects.

She was a personal assistant to Margaret Mahler, the child psychiatrst who developed the theory of separation individuation, which postulates that it takes three years for a child to develop an identity separate from that of the mother..  She set up the first filing system for the fledgling Ttump Organization shortly after it moved in the now famous Trump Tower, the most complicated web of business tentacles imaginable.  She wrote project proposals for an industrial designer, campaigned for Bill Clinton and worked for two US Decennial Censuses.  Most significantly, she began a 20-year association with the United Nations on a contract basis that allowed her to experience the workings of bureaucracy without being embroiled, am experience similar to what she experienced with the Census and with her other clients.

Those experiences fed into the fiction that was her first love, much of which is still waiting to be published.  In Fogarassy’s long-range view from post-war Hungary to America in the Trump coronavirus era, justice is bound to prevail however obscure or tortuous the path.