Defusing the MAGA Mob-sters

Quote: New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings (Lao Tsu, c. 6th-4th cent bc, cited online among others by Skip Prichard, 25 Quotes to get you through a storm).

In the news:: Trump whines to advisors: Why cant I tweet? (Asawin Suebsaeng, Noah Shachtman The Daily Beast, 1.07.21)

In context: Trump lost his signature Twitter platform when the mob he incited stormed the US Capitol to stop the vote count verifying Joe Biden as the next US President. The ultimate crime of sedition against the country he headed was obvious. Proving liability was mired in the chaos that was the hallmark of every Trump venture…

Trump found his opportunity to seize the country in the social media havoc that overturned social norms. In that environment of “anything goes,” he won the 2016 election by trumpeting the most base of human instincts. That appalled most Americans but it caught fire with enough of a minority to get him elected on a technicality.

Trump’s big strike was with the disgruntled in America, most of whom were white men resistant to rapid social changes in a globalizing world. As in classic Greek drama, a Trump show had a cathartic effect on those he attracted. He gave voice to feelings repressed in the socializing process taught from earliest days..

Trump liberated the beast in those who needed the release. He was a quack who unleashed behaviors based on feelings that were best worked through on an analyst’s couch.

Public validation of base impulses forged a bond of affinity between Trump and his admirers. When he elevated the antisocial attitude to the highest level of the US government, adulation turned into idolatry. That sucked a complementary portion of America’s conservative Republicans into the vortex of opportunism.

Through Trump, like-minded conservatives tapped into base instincts to get elected. Once in Office, they were wired into the Trump booby trap..

Trump first appeared as a 2016 presidential candidate in the guise of a successful businessman offering his expertise to rescue what he presented as a downtrodden America. His pitch was aimed at the working class in the American heartland, where traditional jobs were threatened by climate reality, globalization and technology. All were unsettling to those expecting life to be the same as it had been for generations..

The Trump sales pitch in 2016 was a mulligan stew. of doomsday threats and grandiose promises of restoring a past glory that never was. The baseball cap worn with a suit and emblazoned with MAGA to Make America Great Again became Trump trademarks.

Replayed like a mantra over four years with the authority of the Oval Office behind it, success of the Trump doctrine and defiance against its outrages were amplified by the media. Trump unleashed on Twitter tortured those messages to tighten the ligature between himself, his admirers and the hungry Republicans cashing in on a meal ticket.

Loyalty was the price of admission to the Trump train headed for Easy Street. “Can’t argue with success,” Trump politicians seemed to say, limber in being supportive when Trump deflected charges against him.

The MAGA mob was the barometer. Trump admirers didn’t care about Trump transgressions. Rules didn’t matter. Trump made followers feel good. and that was good enough for Trump political mobsters.

Like all structures built on flimsy foundations, the Trump MAGA game plan crumbled when he failed to win re-election in 2020. Trump pulled all his punches to stay in office but nothing worked. He exhausted the entire legal system & he broke the Republican party with threats and attempted bribes. Twitter as his last resort, he summoned the mob.

Misfits, malcontents, hot heads, thrill seekers and devotees answered the call. They came from all parts of the country, including distant Hawaii, and they coalesced in Washington to stop the Biden verification process. Fortified by a final call to arms, the mob stormed the US Capitol, which delayed but failed to derail the verification process. As the dust settled over weeks, the roles of mob and mobsters changed places to carry on the Trump legacy after he was out of office.

The MAGA mob had failed in the job assigned them by Trump. MAGA political mobsters would have to take over.

The MAGA mob dispersed after the failed coup. They went back to the points from which they’d convened. After the failed coup, the MAGA mob dispersed to points from whence they’d convened, to be rounded up over many me country’s vast law enforcement grid. MAGA political mobsters, on the other hand, were anchored in Washington with undefined legal status as elected officials.

The assault on the Capitol was clearly an act of sedition. The Constitution clearly stated that attempts to overthrow the government were among the worst offences. To address the situation, Trump political mobsters with legally undefined status adopted the Trump signature tactic. They created chaos to preserve the political advantage gained through the Trump mob….

Trump was impeached for sedition in the House of Representatives while he was still in Office. The following trial in the Senate was politically delayed until he was no longer president. In the interim, the novel situation brought into relief the interplay between emotional conviction and rational maintenance of social order according to the rule of law.

The Trump MAGA mob that descended on Washington in defense of Trump was convinced that the 2020 election was rigged and that the election was stolen from Trump. There was no supporting evidence for the claim and yet no amount of evidence would convince the Trump mob members that the election was legitimate and Trump had lost. The key to that disconnect between belief and reality was based in the fraudulent bond between Trump and his mob to begin with.

Trump sold himself as an avatar of blissful simplicity in a complex world. It was a classic sales pitch used by political and religious movers from earliest days of history. The difference between the two was the end goal, either for the good or evil of social order.

Trump was a social divider plundering the land of opportunity for the opportunism of personal gain, To him, the MAGA mob was a tool to implement a vast organized crime network.

By definition, a mob is a disorganized crowd. a mobster is a member of an organized crime group. Trump managed to arrange a marriage between the two.

Many in the MAGA mob will become disillusioned with Trump as the rule of law comes to affect them directly. They will be like the litigants who ended up suing when Trump University failed to deliver on tempting get-rich-quick promises. Others may be influenced by what happens to Trump when MAGA political mobsters render a verdict on his role in the insurrection aimed at overthrowing a government to keep Trump in office.

The irony of the MAGA mob couldn’t be starker. They attacked a government that allowed them the freedom to do so. That government was built over a period of near 250-years based on a Constitution that formed the foundation for the natural evolution of law as society grew.

One branch of US government made laws, another implemented them and a third settled disputes about legitimacy. Over four years, Trump knee-capped all three branches to establish his ambitious organized crime plan..

When Trump called his mob to storm the US Capitol, he directed them to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs That legend about greed had the goose killed in the false belief that the motherlode of the gold in the egg was there in spades inside the goose that laid it. The mob took the bait. The political mobsters went with the momentum of winning.

The rule of law based on the US Constitution as a blueprint for democratic rule produced the environment that allowed a grubber like Donald Trump to usurp the system and turn it into an organized crime operation. The MAGA mob and political mobsters were prey for the scam but the rule of law won out.

Convicted or not, Donald Trump has been unmasked and defanged. Mobsters may carry on in the name of the Don but the mob has scattered. In pieces under rule of law reality, they will melt back into the American fabric of comfortable decency. The remaining Trump political mobsters just don’t have the skill of fraud to hold their interest. .

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