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Trump Tower Apprentice

Quotes: “Cruelty is fed, not weakened, by tears.” “To know who controls you, look at who you can’t criticize.” (Tacitus, Annals of Imperial Rome, c. a.d. 117). In the news: Trump’s niece: he lies, cheats, is cruel — and he’s cheap” (William Goldschlag & Dan Janison, Newsday, 7.08.20) In context: Donald Trump was a mere […]

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Trump/Russia, Hungarian-American Eyes

Quote: The State is a an instrument in the hands of the ruling class to break the resistance of adversaries (Joseph Stalin, Foundations of Leninism, 1924). In the news: Russia says military help available for Belarus; huge protest held in Minsk (Andrew Osborn, Andrei Makhovsky, Reuters, 8.16.20) In context: I was long an adult when […]

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Sorry Trump, You’re FIRED

Quote:  Chaos demands to be recognized and experienced before letting itself be converted into a new order (Hermann Hesse, A Glimpse into Chaos, 1920, publisher unknown; reprints online) In the News:  An agitated Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics on protesters (Kevin Liptak, Ryan Nobles and Sarah Westwood, CNN, 6.01.20) In Context: America took a […]