Reclaiming the Force of Fiction in a Fact-Fogged World

Facts seem to dominate life since the explosion of the digital age.  Google news, texting about activities and e-mails about polling numbers for political candidates, say, seem to create reality.  But what is personal reality and how can it be found beneath the novelty of digital ease? Sadly enough, there seems no easy way to know […]

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What Is the Role of Print in a Digital World?

Print is by no means obsolete in a digital world. Its usefulness comes from the fact that book titles in a library are enough to spark ideas that can then be followed up through Google or other web channels.

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A Portrait of Innocence in the Face of Frank Wetzel

A picture speaks a thousand words and the portrait of wrongfully convicted 90-year-old Frank Wetzel proves he has been unjustly detained by North Carolina for over 50 years. Immediately sign the on-line petition to free him in the interest of proving that justice can over injustice however long it takes.